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Food in Pilibhit

Pilibhit is situated in the north eastern most part of Bareilly division which falls under the jurisdiction of Uttar Pradesh. With a considerable population this city is a destination of multiple cultures and various ethnicity. The culture of Pilibhit consists of equal contribution of various caste and creed. Apart from this the history of the area is a significant part of the livelihood of the population of Pilibhit.

Traditional dish of PilibhitCuisine of Pilibhit is predominately based on the North Indian food style with much preference given to the Awadh and Mughlai cuisine styles. The food of Pilibhit consists of both non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes often similar to the food styles of Kashmir and Punjab. Kebabs and kormas are one of the lip-smacking delicious dishes prepared here.

Popular Dishes in Pilibhit

Pilibhit does not have a cuisine style of its own. It is majorly the food style prevailing in Uttar Pradesh which is followed by the city. The major ingredients of food in Pilibhit are wheat, rice, vegetables, lentils and meat for the non vegetarians. Paneer is preferred a lot by the people of the city and it’s used in many dishes. The use of exclusive spices is also a major component of the dishes prepared in Pilibhit. Cardamom and saffron are extensively used to make the dishes grand. Some of the popular and regular dishes of Pilibhit are rice, sabzi, roti, puri, dal and meat. Since wheat is the staple foodstuff of the place a multiple variety of rotis are available here. One can find kulcha, paratha, naan, rumali and even tandoori rotis. In rice mostly preferred is plain steamed rice but one can also have rice with vegetables, pulao or flavored rice. A variety of meat dishes are prepared here which are the best for the non-vegetarian food lovers. There are options of minced meat or other varieties like kebab, korma, salan, all specific styled dishes prepared with meat. Use of milk products like yoghurt and cream are also found in many dishes of the city.

Some of the popular dishes of the city are palak paneer, pasanda kebab, kadi chawal, dum bhindi, kofta, raita, nihari, aloo paratha, daal makhani, chole bhature, rajma chole, rezala, daal bhari puri, kachori and many others. With distinctive taste they are some of the best dishes available in the city.

Traditional Food in Pilibhit

Some of the traditional foods which are available in almost every restaurant and food stalls of Pilibhit are kadi chawal, pasanda paneer, murgh mussallam and nihari. Widely accepted these are specialized dishes cooked with special care and much appreciated by the people of the city. Each dish has specialized cooking techniques making the preparation more apt and undoubtedly delicious. However, it may be noted that some restaurants in Pilibhit are exclusive vegetarian restaurants and non-vegetarian dishes are not available in these places.

Snacks in Pilibhit

Speaking about snacks the most preferred dishes in Pilibhit are samosas, pakoras and kachoris. Widely consumed these snacks are available in almost all food stalls served with special chutneys of which some are spicy while some tangy or maybe sweet. In the desserts, Pilibhit has a wide collection to serve which includes gujiya, halwa, gulab jamun, kheer, petha, peda, laddoo, kulfi and many others. Some of the finest sweets are made here which is a don’t miss for every traveler. For drinks one can always have chai, lassi or multiple-style sharbats.

Restaurants in Pilibhit

Pilibhit has a number of restaurants which serve the best quality foods in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian genre. Hotel Santosh is one of the best options which provide multiple cuisine styles as well as the popular foods of the state. In all this restaurants the cost of food are quite cheaper and there are facilities of take away and home delivery as per the preference of the buyer. Apart from the usual north Indian dishes, in this restaurants there are options of Chinese foods and even south Indian dishes as available in Navratan Sweets and restaurant in Pilibhit.

Food in Pilibhit has a wide range and to understand its quality and specialty one needs to taste and savor it to become a real appreciator of the cuisine.

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    Ankit Sharma from Pilibhit 988 Days ago

    Very nice

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    MUSHIR AHMED from PILIBHIT 1478 Days ago

    Dear friends,Pilibhit calls as Micro Punjaab by its farming stength, but as our population and local investment surviving our new generation of farmers, being bulk check out from thier ancestors business younger farmers and family demand advance education and new bussiness, we are looosing somthing.Pilibhit has a best place in market in Sugar, Rice and wheat bussness, Flute and bangles has a big market due to religiuos people, but now it is going obsolete, Our many time honourable former Member of Legislative Assemble, Haji Riyad Ahmed, consider #PILIBHIT as Education #HUB, and it move towards, and this place can also be competitive chioce educationist being calm and peaceful weathered district, but its root for metrocities are not well reaching, but work is going on, our Member of Parlimaent, mrs.Mameka Gandhi`s over all efforts for Broad Guage, is a big jump for developing pilibhit. That is our Pilibhit. Goverment should work for our ready or starup younger`s who are misguided due to their uneducated family, or not availability of proper consultancy.....Food is our demand, but first we have to manage our production, and distribution properly, It should be chennelised by #cencus2011, as we vote partially.Thank you,Hassan Mushir Ahmed,

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