Administration in Pilibhit

Administration in PilibhitIn the north eastern part of Bareilly division in Rohilkhand region lies Pilibhit, a city in Uttar Pradesh that comes under the municipal board of Pilibhit district. According to Central Statistical Organization, Pilibhit district covers an area of 3504 sqkm as of September 2007. However, the major portion of the district is forested with Pilibhit city comprising of only a mere 68.76 sq km. The total population of the district as of 2011 is 2,037,225 making the district achieve 46th position in being the most populous district of Uttar Pradesh. Managing such an huge area and succeeding in maintaining the culture, tradition, physical attributes, economic development as well as keeping an eye on the infrastructural and social progress and not to forget keeping a check on the law and order is a mammoth task.

The task, however, is made simple by the expert work and initiatives taken by Pilibhit Nagar Palika Parishad, Pilibhit District Court and Uttar Pradesh Police. The credit of hurdle free and smooth running Pilibhit goes to these departments the most. A brief detail of these government offices are given below.

Pilibhit Nagar Palika Parishad

Established in 1865, Pilibhit Nagar Palika Parishad is the largest municipal board. The basic responsibility of this government office is to maintain and look after the infrastructure of the city. It is also the development authority of Pilibhit city. The municipal limit can be traced from the banks of River Khakra in the northern part to River Devha in south. The eastern border is marked by railway colony whereas the civil court forms the eastern section. Pilibhit Nagar Palika Parishad has 52 wards at present under its charge and it has 52 elected representatives known as Ward members. As of 2007, the Nagar Palika Parishad covers an area of 68.76km per square. Palika Chairman is the honor given to that member of the majority party among ward members who has the credibility and capability to serve the seat. This is almost equivalent to the position of Mayor in Municipality.

The major work responsibilities of the department are to preserve the assets of the city, the public properties and look towards the betterment of the city in every way possible. With various tourist spots in the vicinity, Pilibhit is slowly turning out to be a major tourist attraction in Uttar Pradesh and the most important factor is that the Uttar Pradesh Government is also keen in this matter. There are initiatives taken by the Government to facilitate the area more and to make it more tourist-friendly. Pilibhit Nagar Palika Parishad is looking after the fact that the same is achieved in the best way possible.

Pilibhit Court

Pilibhit was not a session division, till 1971 and it was a part of Bareilly division. It was only in 1971 it was declared a session division and Sri Rikheshwari Prasad became the 1st district and Session Judge of Pilibhit. The court deals with criminal jurisdiction and civil jurisdiction of the district. The maintenance of law and order is partly the responsibility of this division of the district. The District Magistrate is responsible for the overall administration of Pilibhit City and does direct reporting to the office of Home Ministry of Uttar Pradesh. At present Sri Om Narayan Singh (I.A.S) is serving as the District Magistrate of Pilibhit. Since the close proximity of the city with Indo-Nepal border, an office of Intelligence Bureau is located here for the safety of the countrymen and to keep a watch on the activities happening in the border area.

Pilibhit Police

The Uttar Pradesh Police is responsible for sustaining law and order in Pilibhit city. The police department in Pilibhit is being regulated by the Superintendent of Police who takes orders and works under Commissioner of Police of the whole Bareilly zone. The Commissioner of Bareilly zone is again reporting to of Director General of Police of Uttar Pradesh. So the complete nexus of the eminent officers’ show made it possible to keep strong check on maintenance of law and order and lessen criminal activities. There are two main police stations in the area are Sungari Police Station and Kotwali Police Station which combine to look after the different parts of the city. There are other police stations in the area like Amaria Police Station, Barkheria Police Station, Bilsanda Police Station, Diuaria Police Station, Hajaara Police Station and others.

Apart from other initiatives to maintain law in the district there is also the introduction of Jan Suvidha Kendra in Pilibhit introduced on May 22, 2012. Existing under the this is an initiative to address public grievances in lesser time and in a proper way. Inaugurated by Commisssioner of Bareilly this service promises quick registration of complain and prompt action by transferring the same to the concerned government department. This is a 24X7 service and people can book the complain from any place without visiting any government office. Depending upon the criticality of the complain the same is divided into several categories like Category A is urgent which needs to be resolved within 24 hrs, Category B has a TAT of 72 hrs and Category C should be solved by 7 working days. Other complaints than this needs to be submitted with an affidavit and it should follow certain legal procedures. The response to this complaint management system is huge and the administration is looking towards effective use of this system in having a clean and corruption free Pilibhit.

Important Phone Numbers and Address

District Magistrate/Collector
Office Address: Collectorate Compound
Ph: 05882-255912

Superintendent of Police
Office Address: SP Office Civil Lines Pilibhit(UP)-262001
Ph: 05882- 257182

Add. District Magistrate (F/R)
Office Address: Collectorate Compound
Pilibhit (UP)-262001 Ph: 05882-257733

Chief Development Officer.
Office Address: Vikash Bhavan,
Pilibhit (UP)-262001
Ph: 05882- 254112

City Magistrate.
Office Address: Collectorate Compound
Ph: 05882- 255359

SDM Sadar
Office Address: Tehsil Pilibhit
Ph: 05882- 255959

SDM Puranpur
Office Address: Tehsil Puranpur
Ph: 05880- 252022

SDM Bisalpur
Office Address: Tehsil Bisalpur
Ph: 05881- 221228
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