Business in Pilibhit

Business and Economy of PilibhitBased on the forest-rich areas of Rohilkhand region, Pilibhit is a small city with a considerable population but comparatively lesser number of industries. Pilibhit district is majorly an agricultural based location where small scale industries have found a place and larger factories and industries are almost nil. The land of Pilibhit district is a fertile land with almost nil mineral extraction region. The main industry in Pilibhit is agricultural industry.

Agricultural business has got hugely flourished in Pilibhit. Though several crops are cultivated here but among them the primary crop is sugarcane and the production of the same is also quite high in compared to others. With support of this huge sugarcane production in the area there are four prominent sugar factories at Puranpur, Majhola, Pilibhit and Bisalpur. They are The Lalit Hari Sugar Factory Pvt. Ltd., The Bisalpur Sahkari Chini Mills Ltd., The Kisan Coop Sugar Factory Ltd. in Majhola and The Kisan Sahkari Chini Mills Ltd. in Puranpur. Three of these factories are part of the co-operative sector and one of theme which is based in Pilibhit is of private sector. In Pilibhit there is Lalit Hari Sugar factory which is also the largest factory among the four-mentioned in the vicinity. In the Barkhera area there is a well-known Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Factory Ltd which was introduced in 2005 -2006 by the Bajaj Industry considering the business opportunity in the Sugar market. A lot of employment of Pilibhit district is based on the sugar factories operating here.

Apart from the sugar factories there are other small-scale industries which are also growing with each passing year. Bamboo or wooden flute production has taken a huge leap with growing international demand. Since high quality woods are available in this forest area the musical instruments manufactured here are the best, the reason why there is a demand of the same in various countries like USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, UAE, etc. This has not only boost up the export industry of the state but has also opened a gateway for more scope for this industry. At present nearly 95% of the flute production in India is supported from this location.

Small scale business like engineering units, candles, brick kilns have also made a profitable setup in Pilibhit. There are also four flour mills operating in the district.

Apart from sugarcane, major other crops harvested here are food grains, wheat, pulse, rice, mustard seeds, oil seeds, potato, cereals and many others. The credit of such high crop farming goes not only to the fertile land but also to the excellent irrigation facilities present in Pilibhit. The expert agricultural labor are also responsible for this growth since their efficient work helps to boost up agricultural business in Pilibhit. One of the largest food grain supplying market of Uttar Pradesh is supported by Pilibhit district. The market is referred as Adarsh Krishi Khadyann Mandi Samiti which is again the primary supplier of harvested food grains to Uttarakhand.

The next most flourishing industry which is slowly taking a prominent place with considerable revenue earning is the dairy products industry. Due to the close proximity of forest area it is easier for the people of Pilibhit to arrange fodder and thus they have additional advantage to run the business of Animal husbandry. The district has a huge supply of live stock which includes buffalows, cows, goats, sheep, horse and Pigs.

Handicraft and embroidery, zari work of Lucknow tradition are quite popular in this zone of Pilibhit. There are highly-skilled labours who work to make exquisite products which are unique creations on their own. Especially the Tula Ram locality has people from the ancient Kumar community who were considered as the finest in mud craft. Terrecota works are speciality of the Tharu tribe which again is a worth collection for every individual. However, these small scale industries are supported by various NGOs who help in making them learn quality work and help in selling their manufactured products and earning decent income from their creations.

Pilibhit has potential to become a more industry-based region which slowly is been identified by the government. There are various registered factories in the area which is closed for several reasons for years resulting into an unemployed locality with many going under poverty line. This is in general affecting the economy of the city and the state at large. However, on the positive note small scale industries and various hospitality industries are mushrooming well in the city and showering monetary benefits for the district.
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