Transport in Pilibhit

Pilibhit rail transportOne of the most amazing places, Pilibhit has a wide range of attractions for its visitors. Be it the calm and serene environment of Chuka Beach or the adventurous wildlife of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve or be it holy shrines present within the city like Gomaat Taal and Gauri Shankar Temple, Pilibhit never stops to provide a pleasant holiday in the city. May be this is the major reason why tourism is developing with each day in the city with lightening speed.
To facilitate the transportation of the huge number of tourist visiting as well as the residents of Pilibhit, the Government and individual transport companies have joined hands to bring in more public transports that are cost saving yet safe mode of travelling. There are primarily three modes of transport available here.

Rail Transportation in Pilibhit

The first option is rail transportation since the Pilibhit junction railway station located in Pilibhit and controlled by North Eastern Railways connects many nearby cities in few hours time. The two main nearby station to Pilibhit are Bhojpura junction railway station and Puranpur railway Station. One major railway stop is also Bareilly station which again has trains to many cities within the country. So either through direct trains or by connecting trains one can easily travel outside Pilibhit.

UPSRTC Buses in Pilibhit

The second option for transportation from Pilibhit are the UPSRTC buses. These buses travel to various popular destinations within the country in quite cheap fares and provide an excellent on time journey. This is all the more possible since National Highway 74 crosses Pilibhit and connects popular stoppage places like Agra, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Lucknow, Delhi and many others. Buses from Pilibhit to Bareilly and vice versa are available at a time gap of half n hour. Apart from the government buses there are various private companies who have small buses which serves as public transport. The fares are cheap and it is one of the most convenient modes of journey for any distance in Pilibhit.

Car Services in Pilibhit

Another prominent way of travelling within the city and also to the nearby destinations is by booking preferred car from several car agencies operating in the city and travelling to the desired destination. The rates of these car agencies are very much reasonable and affordable. They charge either on kms travelled rate or by hours booked rate and at any point if there is overtime then there are overtime charges applied separately. These are private companies who serve with the car services to companies and individuals as and when required. However, it is important to be well aware of the car agency company and it is always better to do some research on the reputation of the car agency company in the market. This are on demand services so it is convenient in every way.

Apart from all these options there are always the popular auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and tempos which can be availed at one call. Not all the roads in Pilibhit are superbly constructed the reason why these small transport mediums are ideal on the narrow linked roads. Not to mention motor bikes and cycles are quite preferred transport for the natives. There are also options of bull cart which are often used in difficult roads, mainly in those places where these public transports fail to reach. Even the buffalo carts help in crossing the Sharda River which is a great requirement for the residents here.
Travelling on a whole in Pilibhit is cheaper and the modes of transport are quite comfortable and plenty in count.
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